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10 Easy Valentine’s Day Ideas for Kids

Keep the day of love simple by celebrating with these ten easy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids that your family is sure to love!

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Valentine’s Day, the day of love. Everybody is scrambling around buying up chocolates and roses. Creating elaborate activities for their kids that require 47 trips to Target and the patience of a saint. And I’m over here like “how ’bout pizza and a movie?!” Ya feel me?

Here’s a mom-fession: I hate doing elaborate activities with my kids. Hate it.

I know, I know, you can award me the “bad mom” badge of honor and judge away. I just don’t love it. The set up alone seems like a major waste of time. Then I have to fight my kids through every step of the process, which usually ends up in a lot of tears. Then I have to clean it all up!

I’d much rather build a LEGO castle and knock it down with my sons’ giant T-Rex then spend any amount of time making a craft that involves glue and popsicle sticks.

Or googly eyes. Or glitter. Man do I hate glitter. Glitter is the devil’s art supply.

And I used to feel guilty about this. Because Pinterest and Instagram are filled with adorable arts and crafts projects for kids. Especially this time of year.

But now I’ve realized that we as moms spend a lot of time overcomplicating things. Especially when it comes to the holidays.

We run around like mad-women, trying to make each holiday “perfect” and memorable. And I finally realized that I’d rather be present with my kids then spend hours curating a list of Instagram-worthy activities.

I’m all about the free activities, that require very little set-up, and allow me to be present with my boys. Because that’s what motherhood is all about. Being present. That’s what my kids will remember, not the heart-shaped picture frame I forced them to make.

Valentine’s Day is about love, both giving and receiving it, and I’d rather spend my time teaching (and modeling) that for my kids.

So I’ve come up with a list of ten super simple Valentine themed actives for your family. I want to help you stop overcomplicating the holiday and instead spend time enjoying the day with your kids.

The first six ideas are ways to show your kids love. The last four ideas are ways that your kids can show love to others.

Relax, Mama, kick back and enjoy the day. Valentine’s Day is a day about love, not about perfection! It’s much better to show-up for your kids and teach them love than it is to have the perfect holiday activity.

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Show Your Kids Love

Decorate Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies

Keep it simple, bake some cut-out sugar cookies in the shape of hearts and let your kids go nuts with pink and red frosting. They’ll get a kick out of it and then they can have the heart-shaped treat as a snack!

Valentine’s Day Scavenger Hunt

I’m all about activities that don’t require a lot of set-up. Instead of creating an elaborate, clue-based scavenger hunt, ask them to look around the house for ways they know they are loved.

Love comes in a lot of different forms that kids might not realize. They might immediately point out a toy that was given to them or a stuffed animal they like to cuddle.

Use this as an opportunity to point out things like the fridge full of food and the clean clothes in their drawers- those are practical ways for them to know they are loved. Providing for our kids is one of the biggest ways we can show them love, this is a great chance for you to point that out to them!

Read Books with a Valentine’s Day Theme

On your next trip to the library pick-up some Valentine’s Day themed books. For younger kids this might include picture books and for older kids you could even find books about the history of Valentine’s Day!

Watch a Valentine’s Day Movie

My kids love Charlie Brown! Luckily there is a Charlie Brown movie for just about every holiday- including Valentine’s Day. Watching a family movie is a fun, easy Valentine’s Day idea for kids.

Let the kids have a Valentine’s Day Picnic with Their Teddy Bears

I’m totally borrowing this idea from my son’s old preschool. On Valentine’s Day the school let the kids wear PJ’s to school and bring their favorite teddy bear. For lunch the kids enjoyed a picnic with their teddy bears.

It is honestly one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen! And my son totally loved the teddy bear picnic. I’ll definitely be doing that this year for my boys at home. What a simple way to make Valentine’s Day special and memorable, especially for young kids!

Tell Your Child What You Love About Him

As a mother of three I know how important it is to spend individual time with each child. This year on Valentine’s Day carve out a few minutes of quiet time for each of your children.

Spend time telling them why you love them and what makes them special. The Valentine’s Day idea is free and require no set-up, but man will it be powerful for your kids. Think about how great they’ll feel after spending a few minutes listening to how much you love them!

Valentine’s Day Ideas to Help Kids Show Love to Others

Another Valentine’s Day idea for kids is to use the holiday as a way to teach your children how to show love to others. It’s so easy for little kids to get caught up in the idea of me, me, me.

They’re perfectly happy to receive all the love in the form of special treats and gifts, but what if you created an opportunity for them to show love as well. 

Household Chores 

One unique way your kids could show love is by doing an extra chore around the house to help out their siblings, their dad, or even you!

And if you have older kids consider visiting a friend, relative, or neighbor who could use some extra help around the house.

Call Someone to Tell Them They are Loved

After you spend time telling your children how much you love them, give them a chance to call a friend or family member and do the same.

I bet you’ll be surprised at who they choose to call and what they say. And they will surely swell with pride after making somebody’s day!

Make Valentine’s Day Cards

One of my favorite and easy Valentine’s Day ideas for kids is to make cards. I don’t do anything elaborate, just some pink and red construction paper folded in half, a few crayons, and stickers if I have them on hand.

The kids love to color and create, and they get so excited to give each hand-made card to our friends and family!

Deliver Some of those Sugar Cookies

Remember the sugar cookies you decorated? Ask your kids to pick their favorites and then deliver the cookies to your neighbors, friends at church, teachers at school, grandparents, dad’s office, really anywhere! Everybody loves cookies…. and a cookie that was decorated by your adorable kids? That’s the best!

I see so many moms overcomplicating holidays. I know I’m guilty of it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. It’s so much more important to be present for your kids, that’s what they will remember.

Instead of stressing yourself out over the perfect Valentine’s Day activity, why not try some of my super easy, no set-up required Valentine’s Day ideas for kids? I bet you’ll be glad you did!

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