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10 Unique Ways to Get Rid of Your Halloween Candy Leftovers

Every year Halloween brings more candy than we can eat!! These genius tips will help you get rid of those Halloween candy leftovers quickly and easily!

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It’s that time of year again: Halloween!! Which means lots of Halloween candy and even more Halloween candy leftovers.

Now if you’re anything like me you’re ready to get rid of that candy by November 2, but my boys on the other hand – husband included – they’ve got a sweet tooth.

Every year I struggle to find balance and compromise. How much of the Halloween candy leftovers do I keep? What do I do with the rest? Do you think anyone will notice if I take all the peanut butter cups?

How I’ve Handled Halloween Candy Leftovers in the Past

And then a few years ago I started getting serious about feeding my family real food, and I started paying attention to what we were putting into our bodies. When it comes to artificial ingredients I was shocked to learn that candy is one of the worst offenders.

That stuff is filled with artificial dyes, corn syrups, and so many other ingredients I’ve never heard of it’s almost inedible. At least in my opinion, anyway.

So I started trying different things in my house so that my kids still get the experience of trick or treating but I don’t have to worry about them eating all of that junk.

First I swapped conventional candy for organic better-for-you items. Now let’s be clear here, candy is still candy even if it’s insanely expensive, organic, and blessed by the Whole Foods gods.

I still limit the organic candies, I just feel more comfortable with my kids eating their sugar without a side of Red Dye #40, ya feel me?!

The next year I decided I didn’t want to do organic candy at all, so my son traded in his bucket of Halloween candy for a shiner new toy and a small handful of candy.

Looking for a homemade candy alternative? Try my delicious peanut butter cups!

This year I don’t know what we’ll do. Now that my son is five he has been begging to eat the candy he collects during trick or treating. And while I want him to be a kid, I also know that I know better. And sometimes my job as a mom is to make unfavorable choices so I can protect him.

Anyway, no matter what we choose it still leaves us with that one tiny problem: what do we do with all of the Halloween candy leftovers??

10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Halloween Candy Leftovers

white background and a white table with a small orange bucket with a black bat on it, candy corn is overflowing from the bucket and has spilled onto the white table with text below that reads "10 Unique ways to get rid of your Halloween Candy Leftovers"
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No matter the reasoning-maybe you’re dieting, someone in the family is a diabetic, you feel strongly about real food, or you just don’t want pounds of Halloween candy leftovers for weeks on end- I think we can all agree we need quick and easy solutions to get rid of that candy!!

I’ve come up with a list of 10 ideas for you so that come November 2, you have a plan for all those Halloween candy leftovers.

Donate Your Halloween Candy Leftovers

Take those piles of candy to a local school, church, or homeless shelter. Any one of those places will make great use of that candy. Just make sure to call ahead and ask if the candy needs to be nut free.

Take it to the Dentist

No need to hide those sugary treats from the teeth doctor, many dentist are now offering a “buy back” program for candy. In our area one dentist offers $1 for every pound of candy! It doesn’t sound like much but if you have two or three kiddos trick or treating they might end up with around 5 pounds of candy! Then they can take that money and buy a toy or save it!

Use All of Your Halloween Candy Leftovers as Currency

This could be a really fun idea! Try using all of that candy as currency in your house. If the kids want screen time that will cost them three pieces of candy! Are they asking for a new video game? That’s ten pieces of candy. Then you can take the candy they’ve “paid you” and eat it yourself or just throw it out!

Let Your Kids Trade in the Candy for a Toy

This is what I tried last year. It kind of worked, except he still really wanted the candy. He wasn’t quite old enough to understand the concept of using his candy to “pay” for privileges, so we just traded his whole bucket for a brand new toy. Not a bad swap if you ask me! I think I let him keep a few small pieces of candy, because what’s Halloween if you don’t get at least one or two candies?!

If you’re interested in some better-for-you Halloween candy alternatives I’ve linked a few options below! Keep in mind that organic candy is still candy, it just doesn’t have a lot of the artificial ingredients and dyes found in traditional candies.

Give it Out to the Trick or Treaters

Ok hear me out, this might not work if you have older kids, but those of us with little kids we go trick or treating early. Which means by the time it’s dark and the older kids are out and about, we’re home with our mountain of sweets getting ready for bed. So I usually take my son’s candy and redistribute it to the trick or treaters who ring our doorbell.

If I do it right he doesn’t even notice. It’s a great way to get rid of my Halloween candy leftovers almost immediately and it saves me money because I don’t have to buy as much candy to hand out! It’s a win-win!

Throw It Away

It’s ok mama, you can just toss it. No guilt, you don’t need a reason, we all know our kids don’t need that much sugar. Just toss it!

I highly recommend waiting until your kids are in bed, but yeah, this is me giving you permission to chuck it all and never look back!

Take it to Work

Or send it to work with your spouse! My hubby definitely has a sweet tooth and he’s never thrilled with the idea that I just want to toss out most of our Halloween candy. So I send a lot of it to work with him. He loves it, I’m sure his coworkers appreciate it, and it gets it out of my house.  Am I thrilled that my husband is eating all those artificial ingredients? Nope, but he’s a grown-up, I don’t control him.

Warp it Up and Give it as Gifts

You know around the holidays all of those people that you want to get a small gift for? Just a little something to say “thanks for everything you do”. Why not hang onto some of your Halloween candy leftovers and regift it? Get some ziplock bags, cut the tops off, fill with candy, and tie with ribbon. BOOM! You’ve got cute little gifts to give out and no added cost to you.

Save it as a Treat for Playdates

Or really any special occasions. Hide the candy away and get it out for those home movie nights, play dates with friends, long car rides, or throw one or two pieces into their lunchbox once a week. Just because you keep the candy doesn’t mean they need a piece every day. It’s ok to hang onto it as an occasional treat.

Use it as Stocking Stuffers

If you think candy can last for almost two months in your house use it as a stocking stuffer!


What do you do with all of your Halloween candy leftovers? Leave your unique tips in the comments below!

white background and a white table with a small orange bucket with a black bat on it, candy corn is overflowing from the bucket and has spilled onto the white table with text below that reads "10 Unique ways to get rid of your Halloween Candy Leftovers"