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5 Kitchen Tools You NEED to Cook an Epic Thanksgiving Dinner

The right kitchen tools can make a good meal even better. These must have kitchen gadgets can help any chef make an epic Thanksgiving dinner.

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This year I am going to be doing something I have never done before…..I am going to cook Thanksgiving dinner!

Typically my mom takes care of cooking Thanksgiving dinner, but this year it’s my turn! And I have big shoes to fill.

I’m pretty excited about it. Since my husband and I got married almost six years ago, my cooking skills have improved significantly and cooking an epic Thanksgiving dinner will be the ultimate test of my cooking abilities!

I’ve already been pinning recipes on Pinterest and making a list of my must-have kitchen items. Luckily, I have most of what I need and I’ve put together a quick list of my five kitchen tools that I know I won’t be able to cook Thanksgiving dinner without!

5 Tools for an EPIC Thanksgiving Dinner

Roasting Pan (with Turkey lifter): Since I plan to make the turkey the centerpiece of the meal I’ll be making good use of a roasting pan. )I’m actually borrowing my mom’s roasting pan but I’ve linked several good options below.)

And I plan to cheat just a tad with this turkey lifter, that way my turkey comes out in piece….ya know, for the pictures! Because if I cook Thanksgiving dinner and don’t photograph it, did it even happen?

Cast Iron Pan: I love my cast iron pan so much I actually named it. His name is Burt. Burt is a beast. He can hold over two pounds of meat at one time and I know he’s going to crucial to my Thanksgiving dinner success. (I linked my exact pan.)

Also, if you don’t have a cast iron pan already what are you doing? Go get you one girl! And name it something awesome!

psssst…….even thought I didn’t include it in the list I know I’ll be using my trusty cast iron dutch oven as well; I have this exact dutch oven.

Casserole Dish (with a lid): After years of watching my mom cook I have finally figured out the secret to cooking all that food for an epic Thanksgiving dinner. Are you ready for the secret? She doesn’t cook everything on Thanksgiving day. (I have several Pyrex sets that I use and love, I have linked a few different options for you.)

Whoa. Mindblown.

Some items she puts together (and even cooks) the day before. Genius! So I’ll be making good use of my casserole dishes with lids so that I can prep food in advance AND store it easily after.

Knife Set: After years of using only two dull knives in my kitchen I finally decided to splurge and buy myself some better knives. And to my delight I found this set on Amazon for a reasonable price. (I have linked my exact set.)

The set comes with six knives AND a sharpener. And I love it. I use these knives regularly (some daily) and I know I will be so glad to have them for all that Thanksgiving dinner prep. Now I just have to remember to sharpen them…..

Dessert Dishes: Obviously we’re going to have pumpkin pie (maybe pecan pie too!) so I’ll need a pie dish. I prefer a pretty deep pie dish because I like a lot of crust. That’s probably weird, but whatever. (I couldn’t find my exact cheesecake springform pan, so I linked three very similar pans. I use the two inches Pyrex pie plate, I also linked some more shallow pie plates.)

But I also make a mean pumpkin cheesecake so I’ll need my cheesecake form as well!! If you’re hosting Thanksgiving dinner and you really want to wow your guests, make a pumpkin cheesecake. It’s decadent, seasonal, and surprising. Yummy!

Do you have any kitchen gadgets you can’t live without when you’re cooking Thanksgiving dinner? Share them below!

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