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Forgotten Lattes, a humorous blog for the perfectly imperfect parent

Hi! Thanks for stopping by Forgotten Lattes. I’m Jenn and I’m a former elementary school teacher turned stay-at-home mommy and blogger! I love sharing my daily parenting adventures and the lessons I learn with a dash of humor and pinch (or two) of sarcasm. Most days you can find me in my favorite stretchy pants held together with dry shampoo and caffeine. If you think motherhood is great but also you sometimes daydream about running away to Mexico to have margaritas on the beach (alone) then this is the blog for you!

I decided to start Forgotten Lattes in 2017 after several friends and family members said I should start a blog because they loved reading my crazy parenting adventures. Truth be told, I didn’t even really know what a blog was. Or how to start one. But after some research (and realizing I could maybe make some money with it– I mean, let’s be honest here) I decided to start my own blog! And so Forgotten Lattes was born.

My main passion for starting the blog was to help other moms have a community where they felt like they could relate to the day-to-day trials and challenges of parenting. Being a mom is absolutely the hards job in the world and we should not do it alone! So if you’re the kind of mom who counts extra olives on a pizza as veggies for the day and uses Netflix as a babysitter (thank God for streaming!) then I got you covered!

Forgotten Lattes is a blog for real moms, facing real challenges, and trying to find a little bit of humor along the way!! And also for moms who can never remember where they sat down their coffee but wouldn’t dare let a good glass of wine go to waste (and by “good” I mean “any”).

My Qualifications (aka why you want to read my stuff)

I received a B.S. in Human Development and Family Studies from Colorado State University in 2007 (go Rams!!) and a Master’s in Education from Regis University in 2010. I was an elementary school teacher for several years before I decided to become a stay-at-home mom. I enjoyed my career as a teacher but I love being a mommy even more.

One thing that always shocked me as a teacher was how many parents didn’t know how to help their children at home. My goal when I share posts related to education is to provide parents with practical, easy tips they can use today to help their child with school work.

My life post-teacher is pretty much what you would expect from a mom of 2 boys with another one on the way. It’s organized chaos. Emphasis on the chaos.

I love my boys and my husband. I’m truly living my best life. Not because I don’t have to ever brush my hair or wear real pants, but because I was born to be a wife and a mom. I just was. I love every minute of it. Even the bad ones. Because for me, the worst day staying home with my boys is 10 times better than my best day as a teacher.

I love writing (no surprise there, I’m the chattiest lady you’ll ever meet), I love my family, and I love education. The fact that I put them all together in Forgotten Lattes-well that’s pretty much a dream!

So grab a glass of wine (I know I will- unless I’m pregnant), put on your favorite sweats (check and check), and get reading!!


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Forgotten Lattes, a humorous blog for the perfectly imperfect parent
This is what I actually look like on most days: no make up, kid on my lap, nursing tank, and a big ole’ happy smile! Not pictured: sweats