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Friday Favorites: Keeping Kids Active During Winter

Keeping kids active during winter doesn’t have to be impossible. These five items are the perfect way to get moving and burning energy in no time!!

graphic with an image on top and text on the bottom; image of a young child standing at a window staring outside at another child playing in the snow; the text below reads "5 Must Have Items to Keep Kids Busy While Indoors This Winter"

On this edition of Forgotten Lattes Friday Favorites I’m going to share with you my five favorite kids winter activities to keep kids active during winter.

Activities You Can Do with Your Kids While You’re Sick

Winters in Colorado can be cold and dreary and some weeks we go days without setting foot outside. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty good at keeping my kids busy and active on those long winter days. But crafts, baking, and movies can only take you so far.

My boys are super active and it only takes about an hour of one snowy morning before they start climbing the walls (literally) and disassembling the couch to make forts and a landing pad.

These are my five favorite ways to keep kids active during winter!

  • A trampoline: We bought a trampoline almost identical to this one a few years ago and set it up inside. Yup, inside the house. It is a good size trampoline and took up a good portion of the room, BUT it was sooooooo worth it. When my husband suggested this I thought he was nuts, but on those days when my kids are ready to explode with energy- it’s nice to have a trampoline inside.
  • Playmonster Ultra Dash: My kids LOVE this game. It’s perfect for those short winter days when it’s dark by dinner. They love to turn out the lights set up the bases all over the house and run as fast as they can. (the stick that clicks into the bases lights up, that’s why we turn the lights off) Ultra Dash keeps them busy and helps burn off that energy! If you want to keep kids active during winter this the toy for you!!

  • A laser pointer: Ok, hear me out. I’m not comparing my kids to cats……..but they do both love to chase around laser pointers. Just saying. We kind of discovered this by accident but it’s actually a ton of fun! Turn of the lights in the house and let the kids chase around the laser pointer. Hours of super cheap entertainment. Seriously, try it!

  • Kid’s Teepee: My boys loved setting up their teepee and playing in it. It’s something that we don’t get out every day so it keeps them busy for a long time.

  • Gymnastics mats: These have been in my Amazon cart for months and this winter with THREE little ones to tire out I think they are going to be a must!

Keeping kids active during winter doesn’t have to be impossible! These five favorite ideas will keep your kiddos busy, active, and help you keep your sanity!

Good luck and happy parenting!

graphic with an image on top and text on the bottom; image is ayoung child sitting on a windowsill next to a toy gnome watching snow fall outside the window the text below reads "5 Must Have Items to Keep Kids Busy while indoors this Winter"