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An Epic Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8

This gift guide for boys ages 5-8 is the perfect guide to the most awesome gifts every boy will love!

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I wanted to put together a gift guide for boys to make your life a little bit easier! We’re all busy moms, some days I barely have time to shower let alone do extensive toy research.

And I don’t know about you but the older my kids get the more specific they are with their toy requests. I still remember the days when my oldest would just ask for a book. I could have literally picked any book and he would have been happy.

Now it’s robots and LEGO sets, but not that LEGO set this one, and specific books and……oh my!

I’m about to save you so much time because I’ve already done the research for you! This is the best gift guide with all the awesome gifts and 5-8 year old boy will love.

So whether you’re mom, uncle, grandma, or friend you can WOW that little boy in your life with the perfect gift! Grab a glass of wine and get shopping!

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Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8:


I’m going to be honest here, just about any LEGO set will do. Heck, you could just buy a box of LEGO bricks with all the pieces (no instructions) and they would go nuts!! But if you really want to show off your gift-giving skills, I recommend these:

My son has this Spiderman set (along with many others) and he is obsessed! The junior LEGO sets offer smaller sets with easier-to-put-together designs for those kiddos who are just starting out with LEGO sets.

We also have this Batman and Joker set, which he is also obsessed with. And I have to admit, the Batman flying car is pretty cool!

Bubba got this dinosaur set for his birthday and we had to put it together that day! You can make three different dinosaurs with it, although we kept his in the T-Rex form because why would we build any other dinosaurs? T-Rex’s are obviously the best!!


You really can’t go wrong with a classic box of LEGO bricks. Perfect to get any kid started with their LEGO collection or to add to an already extensive collection!

Also, what I’ve found with the LEGOs is the age on the box is recommend for independent use. So if you find a set for your 5 year old that says “7-12” on the box don’t worry as much about the age. Just know that he might need more guidance with the instructions and assembly. As long as your child is old enough not to shove LEGOs in his mouth, you can pretty much get him any set!

Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8:


Full disclosure, as of the writing of this article my son does not have a skate board, but his friends have one so of course now he’s obsessed with the idea. I’ve linked the ones I’m considering for him. These all have excellent reviews on Amazon and quite frankly look pretty darn cool!

This skateboard has excellent reviews on Amazon and is fairly inexpensive (most options were less than $40). It also has several designs to choose from.

I also really like this skateboard, it has excellent reviews, a similar price point as the first one, and also has several designs to choose from.

I think this is my current front runner for skateboard options! I read several reviews from parents of young boys between the ages for 5 and 8 who said this board was perfect for their little boy. It’s a bit more expensive than the other two, but not by much. And the design options are more than double the other two.

We already have a helmet but don’t forget a helmet if you’re little boy doesn’t already have one.

Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8:


We bought this bike for Bubba a year ago and I love it! Excellent quality, it has a place for a water bottle (it comes with the water bottle but also fits others). It has a hand brake and pedal brakes, a bell (just for fun) and is pretty darn speedy!

It comes with the training wheels, but the bike is big enough for him to grow into so when he’s ready we’ll just pop those off! There’s also many color options to choose from.

The quality is excellent so once he outgrows it we can put the training wheels back on and hand it down to the younger boys. The bike requires some assembly but my husband put it together pretty easily. 

Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8:


Next up on this gift guide for boys are books. We love to read around here and now that my son is a little older we’re starting to venture into chapter books. I have a few favorites that I can’t wait to read with him!

My brother had this exact Hardy Boys set growing up and I saved them to share with my boys. Now Bubba and I are incorporating them into his homeschool and we’re loving reading them together! He really gets into the mystery of each book and we can’t wait to read the next chapter every day!

I’ve actually never read the Harry Potter books (can you believe that?!) but I kept the series in my classroom and it was always a huge hit! This might be a tad mature for my five year old but he’ll be ready by the time he’s 7 or 8.

Some of my other favorite and classic chapter books that any kid will love and are perfect for young boys between the ages of 5-8. If your little boy is between 5 and 6 you might want to read these books together, otherwise he could probably read most of these on his own.

Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8:


We bought this Kindle for our oldest and he loves it. It’s easy to use so we can quickly and easily download apps and games for him. I was also able to sign into our streaming accounts so he can watch movies on the go.

I did a lot of research about tablets for kids and I chose this particular Kindle because it has parental controls, and that was important for us. Also, it comes with a cool case that basically makes it indestructible. And if you have boys you know that’s important!

Just this week my son figured out how to find and read books for free through Amazon Prime so he’s been having fun finding Easy Reader Super Hero books!

Worried about how you’re going to organize all these new toys? Check out this post about minimizing toys and this post about keeping kids interested in their toys to help out!

Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8:

Board Games

We’ve been loving board games in our house! And now that Bubba is a little older, and understands taking turns, they’re actually pretty enjoyable!

Candyland is a classic game and a great game for kids who are just starting to learn board games. Great for kids closer to 5 (maybe younger) or if you have a family with older and younger kids!

Another classic boardgame! Super easy to learn and loads of fun for the whole family!

Guess Who games provides endless fun and it’s great for teaching the process of elimination.

Gift Guide for Boys Ages 5-8:

Any Superhero Paraphernalia

You really can’t go wrong with just about any Superhero paraphernalia. Jackets, books, action figures, shoes, socks, pajamas, blankets….you name it, if it has a Superhero on it you’ll be golden!

My son has a set of capes similar to this and he’s obsessed. Just yesterday he had on two capes and put the other two on his little brother! They were running around like Superheroes and it was just the most darling thing.

This jacket is so cool jacket and Bubba won’t stop wearing it. It is now going to be the base for his Halloween costume because he won’t take it off!!

I hope this gift guide for boys inspires you and gives you some incredible gift ideas to WOW that little boy in your life!

Good luck and happy shopping!

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