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How to Quickly Grow Your E-mail List as a New Blogger

My top secrets for building a quality e-mail list as a new blogger. I quadrupled my e-mail list in one week, it’s still growing, grow your email list too!!

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If you want to know exactly how I quadrupled my e-mail list in one week and then kept it growing fast (we’re talking dozens of subscribers a day) then keep reading!

When I started my blog about a year ago and I read ALLLLLLL the articles and I did ALLLLLL the things. Over and over and over I read from bloggers who said to make sure I had an e-mail list.

I read post after post from veteran bloggers who said they didn’t start an e-mail list until two or three years down the road. And they regretted it. And if there was oneĀ thing they could go back and change it would be to start an e-mail list sooner.

So I started my e-mail list. And it just sat there. I paid the fee every month, and did absolutely nothing.

My list had maybe 5 subscribers, all of them were family or friends. And I didn’t send out weekly e-mails because I didn’t know what to say. And I figured it was pointless since I didn’t have any “real” subscribers.

Then I got kind of smart, I created a freebie opt-in.

I marketed that poorly but it eventually grew my e-mail list to a whopping 24 subscribers. Woohoo!

Not great, but not too shabby. I still remember the day I checked my list and saw an e-mail address I didn’t recognize. It was like finding gold!!

I knew I was onto something but I had clearly missed the mark.

So again, crickets. There were no e-mails going out to my e-mail list. I didn’t create any other opt-ins. I was lost. Drowning in what seemed to be a never ending to-do list of “blog work” and about 6 weeks away from having my third baby.

I had approximately zero time to grow my e-mail list.

Turning a Corner with My E-mail List

Then late one night I was up nursing my newest addition and I came across an article about the importance of growing and nurturing your e-mail list. The author wrote that each subscriber on your e-mail list is potentially worth up to $8 a month!! Whoa!! Game changer.

Let’s do some simple math here. If you have 100 subscribers on your e-mail list and each one of them is potentially worth $8/month that could be $800 a month in income just from your e-mail list! How insane is that?!?!?!

Not to mention now you have 100 loyal readers, and that’s worth much more than $800 (although $800 is pretty great too).

So why are subscribers worth so much? Because they will be your most loyal and dedicated readers. These are the readers who like your content and want more of it.

These are the readers who will buy from you in the future. Whether you’re suggesting an affiliate product or launching your own product/service, your e-mail list will be more likely to purchase from you.

That’s why it’s important to not just have an e-mail list but to nurture it.

How to Grow Your E-mail List

First, you have to have a good e-mail service provider. If you haven’t already signed up you need to sign-up with ConvertKit. And if you’re with a different service, especially a free service, you need to switch to ConvertKit. Now.

ConvertKit makes it sooooooooo unbelievably easy to create forms to embed on your site, create pop-ups, send out e-mails, and more. I was dreading setting up a sequence of e-mails because I didn’t know how. I assumed it would take me hours to figure it out, like everything else in blogging.

But to my delight ConvertKit has made the entire process so incredibly easy! AND when you use one of their features for the first time they start you with a short how-to video. Genius!

Now What Do I Do?

Ok, so you’re on board. Yes, you know you need an e-mail list. And yes, you need to nurture it. (Just in case you still need a little convincing, click here to read my e-mail about why you need an e-mail list.)

And if you’re like me, you found out the hard way that just because you have a cute little box on your site that says “subscribe to my e-mail list” doesn’t mean people will.

So what’s the trick?

You have to give them a reason to sign up.

Remember at the beginning when I talked about how I got kind of smart and I created an opt-in? Well that opt-in was a budgeting worksheet. Personal finance isn’t even my niche and I didn’t try to market it as anything closely related to my niche. (In hindsight I could have marketed it as a budget worksheet for moms or families, duh!)

But I had read that personal finance does well in January (think New Year’s Resolutions) so I tried something. And it worked. Kind of.

The problem was I wasn’t reaching my reader. I just wanted any reader. That’s not great. Because those aren’t the people who will keep coming back. They’re going to get their freebie and run.

Now I have different, better, more targeted opt-ins. More importantly, opt-ins that convert. A lot.

And that was the key. Not just any opt-in for any reader. I created opt-ins that were targeted specifically toward my reader. Want to know my secret? How I managed to come up with targeted opt-ins that converted into HUGE e-mail list growth?

I’m happy to share with you, but first make sure you are signed up with ConvertKit!! If you’re serious about growing your e-mail list you need a serious e-mail service provider and ConvertKit is it.

Then sign up for my e-mail list and I’m going to tell you exactly how I came up with my ideas for my opt-ins, how I quadrupled my e-mail list growth in ONE WEEK, and how I keep it growing rapidly every. single. day.

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