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The Best Gift Guide for Preschool Boys

If you want to WOW the preschool boy in your life with the perfect gift, than click here to read the best gift guide for preschool boys!

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Shopping for preschool boys can be so tricky, it seems like they aren’t quite ready for the “big boy” toys like LEGO’s but they’ve outgrown the “baby” toys. So what’s a gift giver to do?! Well, you’ve come to the right place because I have put together an awesome gift guide for preschool boys.

Check out these awesome gift idea great for any occassion: Christmas, birthdays, special holidays, or maybe just because. You’re sure to hit a homerun with any of these incredible gifts from my gift guide for preschool boys!

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Gift Guide for Preschool Boys:


You absolutely cannot go wrong with any LEGO DUPLO set. Let’s face it, LEGO’s are winners for pretty much any kid, especially preschoolers! I really loved these DUPLO sets with my oldest when he was a tad younger and my toddler is now starting to show interest in them.

Plus, DUPLO sets are excellent if you have mixed age groups in your household, even though my five year old can handle “little LEGO’s” as we call them, his littler brothers can’t yet, so DUPLO’s are a great compromise for everyone.

You can’t go wrong with a basic DUPLO creative toy set. I’ve bought this set a couple of times actually, I like to use it to add extra pieces to our existing sets. It’s great if you’re just beginning your DUPLO collection or if you want to add onto it without buying a specific set.


We love this truck set of DUPLOs! I mean come on, it really doesn’t get better than trucks AND LEGO’s and then you put them together? You’re basically creating a preschooler boys dream toy.

I think this train set is one of them most darling toys, and what a great way to practice counting. And much like the trucks above, can it get much better than trains and LEGO’s together? I submit that it can not!

I highly recommend a DUPLO compatible baseplate for your preschooler. I find the little guys really benefit from a flat surface that they can lock their LEGO’s onto. Also, if you have a drill lying around you can screw this baseplate to the top of an old end table….BOOM! Intant LEGO table for waaaaaay less than an actual LEGO table costs.

Gift Guide for Preschool Boys:

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles

If you have a preschool boy and you don’t have any trains in your house… probably will after seeing these! I couldn’t find our exact train set but this train set is pretty similar. We use our train set all the time and it’s been a blast adding to our train collection over the years.

We don’t actually have a train table at our house because we don’t have the space for it, but in my head in our dream house we have a huge playroom with this train table. I’ve been eyeing it for years and our local library has a similar one that my boys use every time we go. 
Ok, ok technically this is another DUPLO set, but how cute is that little red plane?! And it comes with people, my boys absolutely love this little plane set.

I’ve never met a preschool boy who doesn’t love trucks, so why not start with a set?! We’ve got a set of trucks really similar to this and we enjoy taking them outside and digging in the dirt with them!

Gift Guide for Preschool Boys:

Outside Toys

Preschool boys have a need to be outside and dirty, I don’t know what it is but my preschooler could always find every puddle to jump in, mud pile to dig through, and every tree to climb. When it comes to outside toys my preschooler was always pretty happy to just be wild and free, but we do have a few favorites that would make great gifts for any preschool boy!

At one point I think we owned three different tricycles! Everyone kept giving them to us for birthdays and Christmas, they are the quintessential today for a preschooler.

These sensory balls are wonderful! They are great for learning to catch because the “spikies” help the child grip the ball better. Also, somehow they last forever. We’ve had our sensory ball for years!


My boys are pretty happy to dig in the mud with their hands and spoons they steal from my silverware drawer, but sometimes buckets and shovels are cool too!

One of our neighbors gave us this balance bike as a hand-me-down and to be honest I was skeptical. I almost got rid of it, but my preschooler LOVED it! He thought it was so cool that he could “ride” a bike and he wasn’t struggling with the pedals. He’s 5 now and he still rides it even though he’s way too big for it.

Balance bikes can be a little pricey, but are well worth the money in my opinion. The bike I linked has excellent reviews on Amazon and comes in several different colors.

Gift Guide for Preschool Boys:

Building Materials

The toys below are excellent for preschool boys and help to develop fine motor skills, problem solving, and they’re just plain fun. Plus you can build them and then knock them down with dinosaurs.

Lincoln Logs are so much fun and a different spin on building blocks. My preschool boy had a lot of fun building log cabins with his daddy. I loved the tin bucket these came in, easy for storage. Plus the pieces aren’t too small so you don’t have to worry if you have little ones in the house.

A classic set of wood blocks is always an excellent addition to any preschool boy toy collection. I am a HUGE fan of open ended toys that allow kids to use their imagination and these blocks are perfect for that. 

Gift Guide for Preschool Boys:


Who doesn’t love dinosaurs?! Everybody thinks dinosaurs are cool, but nobody loves dinosaurs more than a preschool boy. If you are looking for the perfect gift to really make them say “YOU’RE THE BEST!!!!!”  this. is. it. And at under $20, you cannot go wrong!!

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