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The Perfect Gift Guide for the Kid Who Loves LEGO’s

If you have kids who love LEGO sets as much as mine do this is the gift guide for you! This gift guide for the kid who loves LEGO’s features sets for all ages.


My boys all love LEGO’s so I’ve spent the last five years getting pretty well acquainted with various LEGO sets and types for all ages. I’ve compiledd the perfect gift guide for the kid who loves LEGO’s! If you’re child loves LEGOs no matter his or her age, this list will have a set that is perfect for them!

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Gift Guide for the Kid Who Loves LEGO’s:

Mega Blocks

I like to think of Mega Blocks as beginner’s LEGO’s for babies and toddlers. These aren’t officially LEGO brand but they are the same concept. The nice large bricks make it easy for little ones to hold and stack.


Mega Blocks are the perfect gift for the young toddler who is just starting to gain fine motor skills. These blocks will help him develop problem solving skills and fine motor skills, plus they’re just plain fun. I like to think of them as a beginning LEGO!


How adorable is this Mega Block set that comes in a wagon?! My oldest got one of these when he was a toddler and he was so cute pulling all of his toys (including the blocks) around the house.


And look how cute this mega block table is? Perfect for the little guy who is just learning to build. I find younger kids always do better with a flat surface to build on, this table is perfect for that!

Gift Guide for the Kid Who Loves LEGO’s:

Duplo LEGO

Next up on the gift guide for the kid who loves LEGO’s are these Duplos. I have found these to be great LEGO’s for kids of all ages; they are too big for little guys to swallow but small enough that older kids don’t feel like a baby playing with them.

Don’t tell my toddler, but this “My Family town” set is currently sitting in my Amazon cart for his Christmas present! He’s going to love it, especially that little red car.


And look how cute this pizzeria set! I can’t even handle how adorable all of these sets are, good thing I have one toddler and another soon-to-be toddler! We’ll be playing with Duplo sets for a long time.


And this pony stables set!! I can’t, it’s so adorable and it has excellent ratings on Amazon. Don’t wait, click over and buy it now!

And of course a baseplate is highly recommended, just like with the Mega Blocks, I find little ones are more successful if they have a flat surface to build on.

You can’t go wrong with a basic DUPLO creative toy set. I’ve bought this set a couple of times actually, I like to use it to add extra pieces to our existing sets. It’s great if you’re just beginning your DUPLO collection or if you want to add onto it without buying a specific set.


We love this truck set of DUPLOs! I mean come on, it really doesn’t get better than trucks AND LEGO’s and then you put them together? You’re basically creating a preschooler boys dream toy.

I think this train set is one of them most darling toys, and what a great way to practice counting. And much like the trucks above, can it get much better than trains and LEGO’s together? I submit that it can not!

Gift Guide for the Kid Who Loves LEGO’s:


I’m wrapping up the gift guide for the kid who loves LEGO’s with the LEGO sets for the big kids. We’ve tried some of these sets and they’ve all been winners, especially the superhero sets!

My son has this Spiderman set (along with many others) and he is obsessed! The junior LEGO sets offer smaller sets with easier-to-put-together designs for those kiddos who are just starting out with LEGO sets.

We also have this Batman and Joker set, which he is also obsessed with. And I have to admit, the Batman flying car is pretty cool!

Bubba got this dinosaur set for his birthday and we had to put it together that day! You can make three different dinosaurs with it, although we kept his in the T-Rex form because why would we build any other dinosaurs? T-Rex’s are obviously the best!!


You really can’t go wrong with a classic box of LEGO bricks. Perfect to get any kid started with their LEGO collection or to add to an already extensive collection!

I recently added this truck and helicopter LEGO set to my Amazon cart as a Christmas present for my 5-year-old, I think he’s going to love it!

I’ve linked a few more options for you to click through, all of these LEGO sets would be incredible options for any elementary aged child who loves LEGOs!

Also, what I’ve found with the LEGOs is the age on the box is recommend for independent use. So if you find a set for your 5 year old that says “7-12” on the box don’t worry as much about the age.

Just know that he might need more guidance with the instructions and assembly. As long as your child is old enough not to shove LEGOs in his mouth, you can pretty much get him any set!

I hope this gift guide for the kid who loves LEGO’s has been helpful and provided you with plenty of great options and inspiration for your favorite kid who loves LEGO’s!!

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