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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Toddler Boys

If you’re in the market for the perfect toy for a young boy ages 1-3, look no further! This is the ultimate gift guide for toddler boys!

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Of all the age groups shopping for a young toddler can be the most challenging to buy for. Are they ready for crayons? LEGOs? Are they still putting things in their mouth? Will they even understand this toy? That’s why I created the perfect gift guide for toddler boys.

This gift guide will inspire you with age appropriate gift ideas for any occasion. Christmas, holidays, birthdays, or maybe because they finally learned how to go number two in the potty… me, that warrants a toy!! No matter the reason, these gifts are sure to be a huge hit!

Gift Guide for Toddler Boys:

Mega Blocks

Mega Blocks are the perfect gift for the young toddler who is just starting to gain fine motor skills. These blocks will help him develop problem solving skills and fine motor skills, plus they’re just plain fun. I like to think of them as a beginning LEGO!


How adorable is this Mega Block set that comes in a wagon?! My oldest got one of these when he was a toddler and he was so cute pulling all of his toys (including the blocks) around the house.


And look how cute this mega block table is? Perfect for the little guy who is just learning to build. I find younger kids always do better with a flat surface to build on, this table is perfect for that!

Gift Guide for Toddler Boys:

Duplo LEGO Sets

With my first boy we didn’t start buying him Duple LEGO sets until he was closer to three, but when our second son came along he was playing with Duplo’s before he was crawling! They are a little more difficult for younger boys to manipulate (under 18 months) but they’re too big to swallow (HUGE plus) and if you have a mix of age groups in your house, like we do, they’re an excellent toy for both older and younger boys.

Plus, they make so many adorable sets, AND most of the time the sets are less expensive than LEGO’s for older kids. In my book, that’s a major win!!


Don’t tell my toddler, but this “My Family town” set is currently sitting in my Amazon cart for his Christmas present! He’s going to love it, especially that little red car.


And look how cute this pizzeria set! I can’t even handle how adorable all of these sets are, good thing I have one toddler and another soon-to-be toddler! We’ll be playing with Duplo sets for a long time.


And this pony stables set!! I can’t, it’s so adorable and it has excellent ratings on Amazon. Don’t wait, click over and buy it now!

And of course a baseplate is highly recommended, just like with the Mega Blocks, I find little ones are more successful if they have a flat surface to build on.

Gift Guide for Toddler Boys:


Trucks, trucks, and trucks! If you don’t know what to get a toddler boy just get him a truck. You’ll be the new favorite and he’ll be a happy camper!

Gift Guide for Toddler Boys:

Outside Toys


We have a toddler tricycle almost identical to this one and it’s so much fun! It’s a 4-in-1 bike that grows with the child so when they are one the bike has a chest seatbelt and side rails and mom or dad can push the bike. As they child grows you can take of some of the safety features and the child will learn to pedal as you push the trike.

Balance bikes are an excellent way for children to build core strength and learn how to balance on a bike without having to worry about pedaling at the same time.

If you have a toddler boy, or really any toddler, you can’t go wrong with bubbles. And don’t forget the refills because let’s be honest, toddlers spill everything!

Toddlers love to throw things so why not get them something they can actually throw? 

Gift Guide for Toddler Boys:

Inside Toys

Keeping toddlers active while inside can be a bit of a challenge, I mean it really only takes about 20 minutes before they’re flushing something down the toilet or drawing on the walls. But these toys are sure to be winners and keep your toddler boy busy and away from mischief. Mostly.


This climb and crawl set has been in my Amazon cart for a while now and with winter approaching and three active boys in the house, this set is moving to the top of my “must-have” list. Toddlers love to crawl and play and changing the surfaces that they walk and crawl on can be excellent for their gross motor development. Plus this set has amazing reviews so you really can’t go wrong.


Toddlers love to pretend and this kitchen set is perfect for that! We have this exact set and my toddler makes me breakfast on it every morning!! It’s seriously the cutest thing!

We also have a play tool set and my boys really enjoy building things. Well, more accurately, they enjoy fixing things. They like to of “fix” my couch, the floor, the walls, anything that might need fixing. The tool set we have was a gift and is a little pricey, so I’ve linked the one we have as well as some other options that are less expensive.

What toddler doesn’t love hide and seek?! And this teepee is perfect for that and for so much more! We have a teepee like this except in blue and it has been a great addition to our playtime routine.

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