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The Ultimate Grocery Delivery Service that will Make Your Life Better

Let someone else handle the grocery list while you play with your kids. Use the grocery delivery service that will make motherhood just a little bit easier!

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white distressed wood as a background for a large brown bag overflowing with groceries, colorful fruits and vegetable spill out of the top of the bag as it lays on the wood with text above that reads "the ultimate grocery delivery service that will make your life better!"

I have a confession to make…..I hate grocery shopping. Hate it. It’s such a pain. And dragging three kids through the store is basically a nightmare on steroids. The begging, the whining……uggggg. I can’t. I just can’t. Enter my favorite grocery delivery service.

Why You Need a Grocery Delivery Service

I first tried a grocery delivery service just to see. I was curious, feeling a bit lazy, and I wanted to give it a whirl.

It was pretty neat. I ordered my groceries from the app on my phone and they were delivered the same day.

From there I used a delivery service occasionally if I was sick or it was too cold to go out. I felt weirdly guilty, maybe a little lazy? So I was careful not to use it every week. But man did I hate those weeks I had to go to the store myself.

Somewhere along the line I let go of my guilt and started using a grocery delivery service every single week.

Then I realized how much easier my life was.

I didn’t have to pack up three kids once a week and drag them through the store. I didn’t have to listen to the whining and the begging for everything that came in a colorful box. There was no lugging groceries to the car and then into the house. All while trying to make sure the toddler didn’t escape through the open door!

Using a grocery delivery service simplified my life and made it possible for me to spend more time with my kids. 

Grocery shopping used to be a half day event for me. I would clean out the fridge, meal plan, make a list, go to the store, come home and put groceries away and by the time I managed all of that it was time for lunch and naps.

An entire morning completely gone having spent no quality time with my kids. Sure, grocery shopping is necessary, but did it really have to be so hard?

Nope! I found that using a grocery delivery freed up that morning once a week. Instead I was able to make a menu at night once the kids were in bed, order the groceries online, and have them delivered before anybody woke up in the morning.

Now I don’t lose any time with my kids and our fridge and pantry get filled weekly.

If you’ve been looking to simplify your life… need a grocery delivery service!

If you dread taking your kids to the grocery store……you need a grocery delivery service!

If you don’t want to take your new baby out in the middle of winter ……you need a grocery delivery service.

Using a grocery delivery service is one of my most favorite mom hacks. It makes life easier, and I am all about easy!

Which Grocery Delivery Service Should I Use?

A few years ago when I first started ordering groceries online there weren’t many options, but now there’s a ton to choose from! I know some of them are limited to certain areas, so you’ll have to double-check your zip code, but you might be surprised how many options you have available to you.

I’ve tried just about every grocery delivery service from just about every place that delivers. I’ve also tried the services where you order online, drive and park at the store, and they bring groceries out to you.

Truthfully, I’ve liked them all. I mean come on, no matter what you pick someone else is doing your grocery shopping. That’s a huge win!

They all have certain service fees, delivery fees, and tips associate with the services but I find those fees to be affordable (you can find a way to get free delivery with almost every service) and well worth the little bit of extra money I spend every week.

But there is on grocery delivery service that outperforms them all……

The Ultimate Grocery Delivery Service

Amazon Fresh.

Hands down. The best.

Amazon Fresh has an incredible selection of all the groceries you would typically find in the store, I rarely have something on my list that I can’t find through Amazon Fresh. Plus, since Amazon bought Whole Foods the organic and all-natural options are incredible. And the prices are much more affordable.

 Amazon Fresh helps me to stay on budget

I can watch my list add up and adjust the items in my cart before I checkout. And I’m not wondering around the store picking up impulse items. Now I almost always stay right at or under my budget.

And let’s be honest, not having to take my kids to the store saves me at least $20 a week in random “we really want this because it has a bear on it” purchases, and that $20 easily covers the delivery fees and then some.

I signed up for the monthly subscription to Amazon Fresh which is $14.99 a month (for Prime members) which means all of my deliveries are free!

So if it’s the middle of the week and I need a gallon of milk, tampons, and some coffee I can have that delivered all for free! No need to worry about paying extra money because I forgot to add items to my regular order.

Oh and Amazon Fresh saves your past orders which  makes it even easier for me to order week to week.

And I love Amazon Fresh because I can make changed after I submit my order. Some services don’t allow you to do this and it’s kind of frustrating because I almost always forget at least one item until five minutes after I’ve submitted the order.

Mama, if you’re struggling with balancing everything do yourself a favor and start using the Amazon Fresh grocery delivery service. Let someone else take care of the grocery list while you play with your kids!!