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The Ultimate Plugin that Every Blogger NEEDS Immediately

If you’ve been looking for a plugin that can help you use keywords for SEO and start driving more traffic to your page then you need this plugin!

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If you’ve been blogging for even a microsecond you’ve probably heard someone talk about SEO. You might not know what it is but you know it’s important. So now what? Don’t worry, there’s a plugin for that!

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “search engine optimization”. In other words, you’re optimizing your site to be picked up in a search engine. This takes a lot of behind the scenes work, but it’s necessary work if you ever want your site to pop-up when people search for your topic in any search engine. This includes Pinterest!

Think about it this way: go to Google and type in “how to make a grilled cheese sandwich”. What’s the difference between the sites on the first page of Google instead of the second page? Or the fifth or tenth page?

Google has ranked those first sites on the first page as the best place to find a tutorial for how to make a grilled cheese sandwich.


Because someone knew what they were doing and optimized that site – or at least that page of that site- big time. So now when people ask Google about grilled cheese, those sites (the ones that have been optimized for a search engine) pop-up first.

SEO is a good thing for your blog, if you know what you are doing. And if you don’t there are some resources to help.

How Do I Use SEO on My Site?

There are a quite a few ways to optimize your site for a search engine. It took me a few months but eventually I started to figure out how to properly implement SEO on my site. I even have an article that ranks on that first page of Google!

My best tip is this: keywords. You need keywords, especially if you want to do well on Pinterest. And you need keywords in several key places.

One of the best places to put in keywords is in your images. What does that mean? When you upload an image to your site you should have keywords (related to your article) in the image title AND the image alt text.

You also need to have keywords in your Pinterest description.

But here’s the problem, when you insert an image into your post there’s only one place to add a keyword rich description that Pinterest recognizes: the “alt text” box.

That’s all fine and dandy, except that’s not what the “alt text” box is really for. That box is so you can write a description of your actual photo (not of your blog post). This is helpful for someone who might be visually impaired and/or someone who is using a reader to read your site.

So when you write a description for Pinterest about your blog article (like “This article covers tips about a great plugin for bloggers”) you make Pinterest really happy.

But Google doesn’t love that. Because you aren’t using the “alt text” correctly.

So what’s a blogger to do?

Tasty Pins Plugin to the Rescue!!

If you want to maximize the power of SEO so you can start driving traffic to your site, the best way to do that is to have proper descriptions, filled with keywords, on your site and on your images. Tasty Pins is the BEST plugin that allows you to do that.

With Tasty Pins when you add an image there’s an “alt text” box AND a “Pinterest” box.

Which means you can now add keyword rich text into the “alt text” box, which Google will like, and then add a keyword rich description into the “Pinterest” box which Pinterest loves.

I didn’t know about it until I had been blogging for 9 months, and once I downloaded it (and started using it) my traffic not only increased – it stayed more steady. Instead of having huge spikes and then even bigger dips, my traffic has been growing more consistently.

You NEED, NEED, NEED Tasty Pins.

NEED it.

This is the ONLY paid plugin I use and recommend. You pay one fee per year, it’s not that big of an investment, and for what it does you really can’t blog without it. I started driving enough traffic to my site with Tasty Pins that I earned back the cost of this plugin in the first month!

Does the Tasty Pins Plugin do Anything Else?

Why yes, yes it does! I’m so glad you asked!

Tasty Pins also allows you to create additional images for Pinterest and hide them (without using code) into your blog post.

Why is that important?

Because Pinterest likes fresh new content, but you don’t want to have a bunch of different images on your blog just for Pinterest. That will slow down your site and make it hard to read. I include two images optimized for Pinterest and then hide others with the Tasty Pins plugin.

Plus, when a reader “pins” from your site ALL of your Pinterest optimized images will show up and they can choose their favorite. Pretty cool!

The Tasty Pins plugin also allows you to decide which images you want your reader to be able to pin and which ones you don’t. Which I like because sometimes I have pictures in my posts that aren’t optimized for Pinterest. I do not want those getting pinned on accident. So I just click the “disable pinning” button.

Like I said, after downloading this plugin (and using it) my traffic had a noticeable increase. And continues to increase. It’s worth every penny!

Believe me when I say there is a plugin for everything. Everything. It can be overwhelming to decipher which plugins are great and which plugins will crash your site! You can’t go wrong with the Tasty Pins plugin!

In fact, once I had it installed on my site I was able to delete three other plugins and my site started running faster as well. That was a completely unexpected bonus, but yet another way to improve SEO for my site!

If you’re ready to get serious about SEO and driving more traffic to your site, get the Tasty Pins plugin today!

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