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Why You Need An E-Mail List as a New Blogger

Every beginning blogger should have an e-mail list. This article goes into detail about why it’s improtant to create an e-mail list for your new blog.

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As a new blogger you are probably being told you need a lot of things. You need hosting, you need WordPress, you need to understand SEO, you need an e-mail list.

And you might be thinking to yourself, “Do I really need an e-mail list?”

It might even sound a little overwhelming. Just one more thing to write every week. One more thing to pay attention to. And that can be tough!

Do I Really Need an E-mail List?

When I was a total newbie I was asking this question a lot. “Do I really need ________?” fill in the blank with whatever. Everyone was telling me I needed something new. And a lot of it cost money. It was hard to decide what I really truly needed to be a successful blogger and what I could do without.

But every “how to blog” article I read people said over and over how much they regretted not having an e-mail list from the beginning. So I signed up for hosting to get an e-mail list and then I did nothing with it. But I paid every month for that e-mail list because I knew I needed it.

Not exactly the right move but I was on the right track.

The short answer to the question “do I really need an e-mail list?” is a resounding and enthusiastic


Here’s why.

Why You Need an E-mail List

Let me tell you a story.

Years ago, before kids and before blogging, I was a teacher. I was also a proud member of the teacher’s union. One year we were facing a lot of turmoil and unfavorable changes in our school district. Many school districts around us were as well.

And then the worst happened. A neighboring school district’s Board of Education decided that the teacher’s union could no longer communicate through official district e-mail. They had to use personal e-mails.

That doesn’t sound too bad, right? Except the problem was that their union had never collected ANY personal information from their union members. No phone numbers, no e-mails, no addresses, nothing.


The teacher’s union had taken for granted that they had always been able to easily and efficiently communicate with it’s members through school district sponsored means.

Their teacher’s union completely fell apart because there was no way to communicate anymore. The school district had taken away their main form of communication.

To say our teacher’s union was panicked was an understatement. You better believe we learned from their mistakes and immediately began collecting personal e-mail addresses.

And my teacher’s union was able to avoid that huge mess.


So why does this matter? How does this apply to YOU and your blog and your e-mail list?

Let me ask you this: where does most of your traffic come from? Is it Pinterest? Facebook? Instagram?

The majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest.

What if Pinterest went away tomorrow? Would your blog survive? Would you still have an audience? And how would you communicate with them to let them know you’re hosting a giveaway, or launching a new product, or that you have new content on your site?

You would do it all through your e-mail list!

I read once that each e-mail subscriber is potentially worth up to $8/month. That’s huge!

Why are they worth that much? Because that’s your tribe, your loyal readers. The ones who will buy products that you create or recommend. That ones that bring consistent traffic to your site; they will spread the word for you.

If the rug got pulled out from under you tomorrow would you have an audience?

That is why you NEED an e-mail list.

How Do I Grow My E-mail List?

Ok, so now you know you absolutely need a list and you know why. The only question left is how?

How do I grow my e-mail list?

If you want to know how I grew mine FAST (I mean I quadrupled my e-mail list in ONE WEEK and then kept growing), then read this post and then sign up for e-mail list to receive even more incredible tips for growing your e-mail quickly.


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