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Postpartum Must-Haves

Whether you are recovering from a c-section or a vaginal delivery these five postpartum must-haves will make your postnatal recovery easier.

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I have had three babies now. Three. That’s three births and three postpartum recoveries. Which means I have a very long list of postpartum must-haves.

I have had just about every birth experience you can imagine. An emergency c-section, a scheduled c-section, and finally a vaginal delivery.

Each recovery was completely different, and each time I needed completely different things. I needed different emotional support, different sleep schedules, even different support items.

But, I sat down to reflect on all three postpartum periods and I came up with FIVE postpartum must-haves. No matter what kind of birth you have, you are going to want these five items in your house to make your recovery as easy as possible.

Postpartum Recovery Must-Haves EVERY New Mother Needs!

The First Forty Days: The Essential Art of Nourishing the New Mother

This book completely changed my second postpartum recovery. I knew what to expect (albeit some of that was because it was my second time around the block) and my husband and family members had a much better idea how to take care of me.

I also had a better handle on how to take care of myself so that I could be a better mom to my new baby AND my three year old. Honestly, if you told me you could only purchase one thing off of this list, I would tell you to get this book!!

A Good Pillow

It took me a hot minute to come up with five items that I used consistently after both a c-section and a vaginal delivery. Both recoveries are so different and require very different support. But a good pillow topped my list of postpartum must-haves.

And when I say a good pillow, I mean a gooooood pillow. As in “no one else uses this pillow, it’s my good pillow.” Ya know?

Because if you’re recovering from a c-section you’ll want a pillow to press into your incision spot when you cough or laugh. Or if God-forbid your body should betray you and decide to sneeze. Trust me on that.

And if you’re healing from a vaginal birth, you’re going to want a pillow to sit on. Believe me. You’re going to want a pillow to sit on. A good one.

Plus, no matter what your recovery looks like, a cozy pillow will come handy for all of those feedings with baby!

For a vaginal recovery I recommend the Snoogle pregnancy pillow. I mean come on, Snoogle is just fun to say! And you can kind of coil it up and sit on it, your lady bits will thank you for it. Plus, it’s a little more refined than a good old donut pillow.

For a c-section recovery I recommend just a good old king size pillow. Any pillow will do, I just stole one from our bed. This is the one that I use and love! It’s nice and heavy and firm which feels good to press against your tender incision. Plus it will help keep baby elevated off your incision during feedings.

Granny Panties

Oh yes, I went there. Look, I could go into gruesome detail about why you’ll need these. But nobody wants to hear that.

So I will just tell you that after my first I didn’t know that I would need granny panties, and on my first day home from the hospital (without the wonderful mesh panties the hospital gives you- and no, I’m not using “wonderful” sarcastically) I was so miserable I made my husband go to Walmart and buy me “the biggest underwear he could find.”

You’re going to want underwear that is high waisted and at least one size (maybe two) too big. Your belly will still be pretty large for a while so I don’t recommend buying your pre-pregnancy size right away.

Also, from one mother to another, I wouldn’t spend exorbitant amounts of money on these granny panties. They’re basically glorified period underwear, if you catch my drift, and will likely end up getting tossed out after your initial weeks of healing.

Save yourself the misery and the embarrassed husband and just stock up now. Go ahead, I’ll wait while you click over and add them to your cart. It’s cool. And while you’re at it, stock up on these maxi pads too.


A Water Bottle and Snacks

I highly recommend a good water bottle, especially if you’re nursing, you’ll want to stay hydrated. But even if you aren’t breastfeeding drinking plenty of water will be necessary in helping your body to heal properly.

Also, staying well-fed is important. Again, particularly if you’re breastfeeding. But even if you aren’t, good nutrition will be key to your healing process.

Also, if you’re on pain meds you’ll often want to take those with food, I recommend these snack bars. Easy to carry around with you, super yummy, and kid friendly if your older kiddos want to share!

Also, dark chocolate is an excellent mood elevator and can help you avoid those postpartum blues. Find a brand of dark chocolate that you love and stock up!

A Grocery Delivery Service

I’ve been shamelessly singing the praises of Amazon Fresh all over the blog lately (totally not sponsored) because they save me!

I order groceries every week and it saves me so much time and energy. But Amazon Fresh made my list of postpartum must-haves because I find it to be 100% necessary during those first tender weeks as a new mom.

Not only do you not feel great, taking a newborn out of the house and all around town running errands is far from ideal. Give yourself a break and let someone else do the errands for you. You can snuggle that sweet little baby and have groceries brought right to your doorstep.


There ya go! No matter what kind of birth you have, these five affordable postpartum must-haves will make those first few weeks as a new mother easier!

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