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The Must Have Gift Guide for Babies

This is the must have gift guide for babies. All of the gifts on the gift guide are sure to be the perfect gift to keep your baby happy and entertained!


Finding the perfect gift for your baby has never been easier! I’ve compiled a gift guide for babies that has the perfect gifts for any baby.

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Gift Guide for Babies

These little pop-up toys are so cute and provide endless entertainment for babies. If you want to see your baby giggle over and over just bring one of these home!

We bought one of these for a road trip and and it was wonderful! It kept the baby happy in the car for a while, which was nice since we had hours of driving to do.


We have an activity table almost identical to this one and it’s one of my favorite toys, and the price point makes me do a happy dance. The best part about this activity table is that the legs come off, so when baby is still sitting he can reach the table to play. Then when baby starts pulling himself up you can put the legs back on the table and he can stand to play.


What baby doesn’t love a colorful book and a toy he can chew on?! This would be an awesome stocking stuffer and a great book to keep in the car to keep baby happy during those longer car rides!

Gift Guide for Babies:

Activity Toys

We’ve had a few different baby walkers over the years, all of them have been great and my babies love pushing them around! Plus, most of them come with fun activities on the front for when baby wants to sit and play.

We’ve also had a couple of baby jumpers over the years and this my favorite one. Baby Bear loves jumping in it and making lots of noise!

I got this playmat for Nugget (baby #2) and it’s definitely one of my faves. The best part about it is that it folds up flat so it’s easy to shove under the couch or take on the road.

Gift Guide for Babies

My grandma bought this sweet little dog for my middle son when he was still a baby. It is one of the coolest toys we have, it sings and talks and you can customize it so the dog uses your child’s name and all of his favorite things. My son sleeps with this dog every night and Scout sings him a goodnight song, how cute is that?!

All of these toys are excellent for baby’s development! Plus, you can’t beat the price point on most of these.

Blocks are a really fun gift for babies. Stacking blocks is excellent for their fine motor development and these blocks in particular are soft and squeezable which make them easy for baby to hold.

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