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5 Baby Sleep Products Every Mom Needs for Better Sleep

These five affordable baby sleep products that will make sleep training a breeze and have you AND baby sleeping better in no time!

As a mother of three kids I know exactly how important sleep can be, and how hard it is to come by in those early years. Over the years, through a lot of trail and error, I have come up with a select few items that I swear by when it comes to sleep training my little ones. And now I have compiled my all-time favorite baby sleep products into one place!

Every mom should have these….or at least every mom who wants to sleep!

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5 Baby Sleep Products Every Mom Needs NOW!!

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Baby Sleep Products Under $25

Even though I have only listed five products I decided to break them up by price. I’m of the belief that you can’t put a price on good sleep. And if you are (or ever have been) a sleep deprived parent you know just how true that statement really is.

But for $25, these two products are complete no-brainers. Just put these bad boys in your Amazon cart now and thank me after you’ve had a good nap!

White Noise Machine

I didn’t have a white noise machine with my first two because I didn’t really see the need. But trying to put a baby to sleep with a house full of screaming children could be an olympic sport. And I would win the gold!

I swear by this white noise machine, it has made nap time much, much easier in our house. And you know what? I think it helps me sleep better at night too!

Wearable Blankets


I swear by sleep sacks (aka wearable blankets). My husband and I have this joke about “a baby in a bag” because that’s kind of what it looks like, but it definitely helps with sleep! These wearable blankets keep baby warm all night AND safe.

And if there is one thing that helps me get the best sleep possible it’s peace of mind that my baby is safe. I use these with my kids until I feel really comfortable letting them use a blanket at night, which for me is usually close to age three. Talk to your pediatrician about what works best for your family.

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More Baby Sleep Products

These last three products can be a bit of an investment, but I have found all of them to be well worth the money spent. Not to mention I have used all of these products with all of three of my kids.

These baby sleep products would have been worth it for just one baby, so the fact that they’ve all made it through five years of babies, spit up, and some serious naps tells you just how great they really are!

Fisher Price Swing


I 100% could not have survived having three babies without my Fisher Price swing. We call it the monkey swing (ours has a monkey on it) and I’m obsessed. My babies always nap in this swing and it allows me the time to have some me-time because it helps baby sleep for longer periods of time. If you only buy one product off of this list this should be it!!

Fisher Price Bouncer


I also love this bouncer, especially for those new babies. The bouncer plays music and has a vibrating feature, which babies love! My favorite way to use it is to put on the floor by the table or couch and I can bounce baby with my foot while I eat, fold laundry, or even just sit back and relax for a minute.

Plus, it’s nice to have somewhere safe (that’s not the floor) to put baby while I shower or cook dinner.

Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper


My in-laws bought me this co-sleeper when I was pregnant with my first baby and to this day it’s one of my all-time favorite baby products. We’ve even traveled with it because I rely on it that much for good sleep!

I love having baby right by my side knowing that he’s safe and secure but within arm’s reach for night feedings and comfort. My secret mom hack is that I bought an extra diaper changing pad and changing pad cover and I put it in the co-sleeper as a “mattress”.

There are a lot of baby sleep products available these days, but take it from a mother of three these are the only products you need!

If you want your baby to start sleeping better so that you can start sleeping better than grab these five baby sleep products today!

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