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How I Keep My Kids Interested in Their Toys

Ahhhh kids toys, they’re everywhere aren’t they? In the kitchen, the bathroom, they’re in the car, in the bathtub, I’ve even found them stuffed inside my shoes. And the more kids I have the more places I find them hiding!!

And yet, how many times a day do I tell my kids to “go find a toy and play”? It seems like they’re toys are everywhere and the kids are never playing with them.

The toy mess drives me crazy!! So much so that I actually came up with a toy organization system to help minimize the mess. And it actually works, I’ve tweaked it over the last few months, but it works!

But nothing is ever perfect. They’re interests change, they get new toys, or they just kind of forget what they have. So I’m always looking for new tricks to keep them interested in what we already have. Because if toys ever became a currency I would be a millionaire, and still my boys are usually begging for something new or stealing kitchen utensils!!

So I’m going to share my super quick, super easy, super secret mom trick that I do when they start to lose interest in a toy. Are you ready??

I hide the toy.

Yup, I hide their own toys from them. I wait until they’re asleep then I take the toy and hide it. And not in their closet or somewhere they could find it, I put it away. Maybe in my closet or the top shelf of the linen closet, but I hide it good. So good that sometimes I even forget about it. But that’s another story!

And here’s the second part to the trick:

When I get the toy back out I put it in a different room. If it was a toy that was always in the TV room I’ll put it in my son’s room. If it came from his room it now lives in the living room. You get the idea.

And I’ll tell you what, for about a week after I get out the new-old toy my kids act like it’s Christmas! They’re so excited about the toys again!!

And while they’re busy playing with that “new” toy, I hide another one! And I keep the rotation going. I don’t drive myself crazy with charts or schedules of which toys have been hidden (although that does sound like something I would do). And I don’t hide many toys at one time, otherwise I’ll have to start answering questions like “Where did ***insert name of toy*** go?? I can’t find it and it’s my favorite!” and then we’ve got trouble on our hands!

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I just take one or two toys at a time, put them away and help my kids explore some other toys. It’s the whole “out of sight out of mind” idea and it works every time.

An added benefit: it helps cut down on the mess!! It’s one less toy to get out and one less toy to put away at the end of the day.

It really is that easy! Try hiding some of your kids’ toys tonight while they sleep and then get them out again in a couple of weeks. They’ll be so surprised and it will keep them busy for hours!

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